Jungle tours

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Omshanty's Jungle tours

In Omshanty Jungle Lodge you will found a wide offer of multiday jungle tours in the Amazon rainforest. If you want to have a true & real jungle experience check this page. Enjoy the lush of the Amazon wildlife, chat, share and learn with the local indigenous, try your adrenalin levels with extreme sports on top of the trees at 30 metres high, test your survivor skills in the middle of the jungle, everything could be done with Omshanty Jungle Lodge.
Birdwatching, monkeys & dolphin spotting, wildlife observation, day & night hikes, canopying, kayaking, canoeing, tree houses, floating cabin in the Amazon river, indigenous settlements, traditional rituals, learn about the plants of the forest, do fishing and alligator night 'hunting' (animals are not damaged), do all this activities in our multiday tours or choose the ones you like more in a tailor made trip.
Everything is possible !! Family tours, adventure travel, nature lovers trips, jungle excursions, survivor challenges…choose your best option !!
We offer tours from 2 days & 1 night* in advance…Please contact us for more information, we will be pleased to send you our offer.

*for 2 days - 1 night tours check our 'One day activities' section.

Jungle & crafts

3 days - 2 nights

This easy but charming tour mixes the traditional knowledge of the 'chambira' fiber handwork by the womens of the Uitoto tribe with the lush of the Amazon rainforest.
Extract the fiber of the leafs of the 'chambira' palm. Learn about the different plants to dye and do colorful desings in a handcraft workshop.
Learn the basics of jungle living sharing the 'day by day' of a indigenous family and sleep in a jungle house close to a creek where to have a refreshing swim.
All in a two nights tour that you can fit in your vacances trip along the Amazon.

Difficulty level: 1 (from 5)

Special offer

3 days - 2nights

This is our most popular tour, fixing the needs of people with a low budget trip as well for people with few days in the area.
Share a day with a indigenous family and sleep in them 'jungle house', visit the chagra (traditional plant garden) where they explain uses of different plants (medical, timber, eatable, etc).
Paddle in canoe through a small river, build a jungle camp, do night fishing or hiking, watch wild monkeys, tarantulas, frogs, lizards, birds and more wildlife in this short adventure in the jungle.

Difficulty level: 2 (from 5)

Tucuchira natural reserve

3 days - 2 nights

Recently open Tucuchira Natural Reserve is the first private reserve open and driven by an indigenous family who offer you a wide option of activities to be done, which you can select for your stay, in this way each visitor arrange its own plan making emphasis in those goals you are more interested in, so you can have a true and personalized jungle experience as well as a friendly coexistence with its ancient inhabitants.
During this tours we have select the best options for your enjoy. Jungle hike, feeding wild monkeys and nights walk are the most remarkable activities of the first day. Jungle camp at the border of the Amazon river  and get charmed of its magnificence at the sunset and sleeping with the sounds of the river and night wildlife are the base of the second day when you will do more activities such as paddle in traditional wood canoe, dolphin spotting and learning about the uses of the different plants and trees of the area.

Difficulty level: 2 (from 5)

Maloca, Jungle & Dolphins

4 days - 3 nights

This medium difficulty level tour indigenous culture, nature and wildlife joins  to give you the chance of having, in a medium budget, a complete experience of the jungle and it's inhabitants: indigenous and wildlife.
Visit the traditional indigenous house: the 'Maloca', spoke with the elders about them mithology while you participate in the process of preparation the 'mambe' (coca leaf for chewing)
Sleep in a jungle camp during a full day in the bush, fishing, seeking fot footprints, spoting wildlife and learning survivor skils.
Finish the trip in the quiet and charming Puerto Nariño, where you will spot birds and dolphins in the surrounding lakes.

Difficulty level: 3 (from 5)

Amazon 3D: Air, Jungle & River

4 days - 3 nights

A trip full of charm, adrenaline, extreme sports and beautiful landscapes.
Watch the jungle from the top and feel the adrenaline on the canopy activity, sleep on a tree house and walk the jungle at night will be our fisrt day experiences.
Do fishing while you spot the pink and grey dolphins at Tarapoto lake, walk through the peacefull streets of the small village of Puerto Nariño.
Share with the indigenous elders them mithology and participate on the process of preparation the 'mambe' and more…

Difficulty level: 2 (from 5)

The Green Desert

4 days - 4 nights

This option is focused on nature and adventure, aimed to well fitted travellers who love new experiences and don't care about comfortabilities.
35 to 50 km will be walked to go and come back to the 'varillal' -micro ecosistem with small trees and lots of wildlife to be spoted. There we will visit the biological station settled in the middle of the bush.
Jungle camps will be our home in the jungle. Cook with fire, fishing, night walks and jaguar footprints are some of the atractions of this wild experience.

Difficulty level: 4 (from 5)

Amazon river and jungle

5 days - 4 nights

This friendly tour joins the most atractive activites and places in the area.
One night in a tree house, canopying, living with a indigenous family, sleep in a luxury floating house in the Amazon river, visit the charming village of Puerto Nariño where cars and motorbikes are not allowed, spot river dolphins & birds in Tarapoto lake and do night hikes. These are some of the reasons that make this option an incredible tour for friends & family, solo travellers or those who look for a complete view of the Amazon: river & jungle.
Don´t miss the most incredible landscapes and sunsets that the Amazon offers to the visitors !!
Difficulty level: 2 (from 5)

Indigenous jungle

5 days - 4 nights

This tour is intended for visitors who are looking for closer contact with the indigenous communities that have lived in the jungle for thousands of years. You will be able to enjoy an intensive and authentic experience in the company of these indigenous people, who, with their knowledge and good humor, will make your trip an unforgettable and rich experience.
During this medium/high diffivulty level you will walk more than 25 km through the jungle visiting and sharing with the elders of the Malocas (traditional indigenous house). Sleep in the jungle while you learn surivivor tips by the hand of our most qualified indigenous guides.
End this unique experience visiting the Marubo tribe in them Maloca, sleep in Atalaia du norte (Brazil) and spot the dolphins along the Javari river during the way back.

Difficulty level: 3 (from 5)

Pure jungle, pure life, via Calderon river

7 days - 7 nights

The most authentic adventure in the jungle from our standart tours !!
There's no way to describe properly this tour unless living it.
This only exclusive for the most adventours people who love the wild. If you love animals in the wild, the Amazon is forsure one of the places you will enjoy more. To see the most in the jungle you must spend as much days as possible, as well as get as deep as you can. This is your chance !!
More than 70 km walked in the Calderon river area (which have one of the most strict Nature Protections that exist in Colombia after Natural Parks), sleeping in jungle camps, fishing, hunting (only at request and quite common animals -not endangered- to eat), following for animal tracks, preparing survivor tramps, learning location in the jungle and much more are done during the 7 days you spent in this tour.
Woolly monkey, wild pigs, tapir & jaguar footprints (maybe one alive !!), toucans, titis, swamps and more at your hand.
Last night you will enjoy the charming & romantic private bungalows of Omshanty Jungle Lodge, as well as its delicious cook in our restaurant 'Salama'.

If you want to try yourself, this is the moment !!

Difficulty level: 5 (from 5)



Javari river and lakes

6 days - 5 nights

The Javari river and its basin is the most wild river areas in the surrounds. Close to Itaquai river, where the huge indigenous land where isolated indigeous still living is a vast piece of jungle to be enjoyed.
First night at Atalaia du norte will introduce you, then you will spend another night in an indigenous community, two more in jungle camps -one inside the jungle and another in the border of a lake- and the last in a private cabin in Omshanty Jungle Lodge.
During your stay you will seal the Javary river and surrounding lakes -during the wet season its possible to cross by boat through the flooded jungle-, do piraña fising, dolphin spotting, canoeing, night hikes, birdwatching…and small alligator 'hand hunting' are the most remarcable.
Don't miss this unique oportunity to enjoy the most the Javary basin.

Difficulty level: 3 (from 5)

Fishing lovers

7 days - 7 nights

Exportive fishing is the matter of your live?, we undestand you, we also enjoy it the most, that's why we prepare this delicatessen fishing trip for you !!
During this 7 days you will visit the 'key fishing places' in the area, where you will have the chance to try your sportive fishing levels trying to catch some of the trophies: peacock bass, pacu, arawana, piraña, wolf fish, catfishes…
Also you will visit different places where to enjoy fishing and the jungle & its landscapes itself: small creeks, all sice lakes and the main Amazon river.
Try different fishing techniques: fishing cane, tramps and 'tarralla' net fising.
In the way you will enjoy, monkeys, dolphins, birds and invertebrates.

Difficulty level: 2 (from 5)

Contatc with Matiz tribe !!

This is one of our special stuff line tours. 
Do you want to meet one of the recently contacted tribes?
Do you want to share a week with them in the bush and learn about the jungle and a well preserved indigenous culture?
Are you looking for THE trip of your live?

Contact us and we will explain you how to do it with our staff.

For more information, please contac us: reservas@omshanty.com