One day activities

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One day activities

In Omshanty Jungle Lodge we give you the wider one day activities offer in the area.
You can choose the ones you like more in our 17 activities offer. You will found every possible activity in the area, hikes, wildlife spotting, indigenous culture, extreme sports, visit the flooded jungle, watch the dolphins, enjoy the monkey island, visit three countries in one journey, do night fishing, birdwatching, kayaking and more with us !!
We have options for every kind of traveller, adventurous, nature lover, culture seeker or just peacefull traveller. Enjoy the lush of the Amazon Jungle alone, with your friends or family, we have activities for all of you, just check:

Bird watching hikes

…the early morning, just after dawn is ideal for bird watching, come with us to see and enjoy the immense amount and incredible variety of species of tropical birds in the Amazon jungle. The 3-4h walk covers specific places where you can see more wildlife and starts at 5:00 AM

Ethno-botanical trails

The Amazon rainforest is the world?s largest and most biodiverse rainforest, especially in botanical diversity, every year new species are discovered. Indigenous through the experience of living for generations in the jungle and the ancestral knowledge transmitted by the grandparents and parents have gained a very extensive knowledge of the local flora. We offer you the opportunity to walk through the jungle with one of these indigenous botanical connoisseurs who will explain the uses of medicinal, edible, timber plants , firsthand and "in-situ": in the jungle. On this tour you will walk through the jungle about 3-4h during the morning or afternoon, depending on your choice.

Night fishing

The jungle is full of small rivers and lakes where the fishing is abundant. With us
you will have the chance to do a night hike and test your fishing skills at the same time. You will enjoy the jungle at night, when more wildlife is moving. This way you will use your time the best while you do two activities: wildlife spotting and night fishing.
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This activity is to share a day with an Indigenous family that lives in the border of the Tacana river. After 1 hour, approximately, paddling by canoe through the river while we watch the magnificent sceneries and various wildlife we will arrive to the family house. There we will share a day with them, they will show us the ?chagra? (traditional plantgarden) where we can see the traditional food & medicinal plants and they will explain us the different uses of many of those plants. We will share a traditional meal with them. Also wildlife spotting hikes are available to complete this day activities, as well as chatting with them about them tradition, culture and daily live in the jungle.
2 days - 1 night available
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This activity offers an interesting walk through the jungle to reach the Maloca (indigenous traditional house), the guides will explain the uses of various plants we find in the way. Along the way you will found some wildlife to spot, such as insect, birds and reptiles. In the Maloca we know firsthand with local indigenous the chagra (traditional plant garden) and we can talk with 'Grandpa' about their tradition and mythology.
2 days - 1 night avalable
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A full day with indigenous women from a Uitoto-Bora family, exceptional artisans, will show and make us participate on the process of working the ?chambira? fiber to make handcrafts. Extraction around the chagra, fiber extraction, dyeing, etc … all processes that then can be made and that they "applied" to this fiber to transform it into a thread of sew colorful and unique handmade backpacks, also she will show some of the plants from which the colors are extracted and briefly explain the process for each color-dyed. One of the main ideas of this workshop is participation in the process.
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Approximately one year ago open Tucuchira Natural Reserve, the unique reserve 100% managed by an indigenous family with the goal to show to the visitors the river, the jungle and the life of the local indigenous people. This nice and warm family offers a wide range of activities to do in the Reserve such us jungle hikes, canoeing, dolphin spotting, monkey watching (it?s possible to feed wild monkeys), among others. We will take a fast boat to Santa Sofia indigenous community, that?s nearby the Reserve, at 8:00 AM and we will picked up back in Santa Sofía around 3:30 to 4:00 PM arriving to Leticia at 5:30 PM, approximately.
2 days - 1 night avalable

Piraña lake

We offer you the unique chance to visit one of the most unknown and hidden lakes of the triple border área. In the Peruvian jungle we will visit a big lake where we can do fishing, canoeing, bird & other wildlife watching, jungle hikes, visit to Gamboa indigenous community, dolphin spotting among others. Also for those passengers who spend the night on the lake they will have the chance to do alligator hunting at night (the guide will capture with the hand small caimans/alligators and free them back to the lake ?no animal will be mistreated-), as well as sleep in hammock with mosquito net in a jungle camp.
2 days - 1 night avalable

Flooded jungle and surrounding lakes

Don?t loose the chance to visit one of the most beautiful landscapes of the high Amazon jungle: the Javari river and the surrounding flooded jungle and lakes: Saraiba, Cumpido, San Roque & Jacaré; where we were able to admire the incredible flooded ecosystem as well as many birds, dolphins, monkeys and other wildlife. During the way back we will stop in ?Islandia? and ?Benjamin Constant?, small towns that belongs to Peru and Brazil, respectively.

Puerto Nariño full day

Do not miss the opportunity to visit the famous and charming town of Puerto Nariño. Also you will visit the so-called " Amazon crib " but on the way stop at the Victoria Regia reservation to see the world's largest lotus (includes entrance), Monkey Island (includes admission), the indigenous community Ticuna Macedonia where you can buy handicrafts directly from producers, visit the lakes mail and Tarapoto where you can see many birds and the famous dolphins in short a full day of scenery, wildlife and entertainment.

Kayaking with the Kurupira at the Yahuarcaca lakes

In this full day option we will have a relax but complete day to enjoy the magnificence of the Amazon river from a floating house in the main river as well as the incredible landscapes of the Yahuarcaca lakes and it?s lush bird life, that we will admire from our kayak ride on the lakes. As a complement for this day we will visit the ?Victoria Regia? Natural Reserve where we will see the bigest water Lily on earth, which gives the name to the Reserve, aslo we will se some of the most representative trees of the Amazon jungle and some ?guacamayos? and monkeys that lives in the Reserve. After this complete morning activities (kayak and Victoria Regia) we will go to have a delicious lunch while we enjoy the beautiful views over the Amazon river at the Kurupira floating house. After lunch, we can have some rest in a hammock watching the dolphins before having a swim in the main river.This option fits perfect for family groups, elderly people or those who don?t want/can?t do long hikes or extreme sports.

Three borders

During this full day option we will visit settlements of the three neighboring countries: Colombia, Peru and Brazil. We will start early in the morning (6:00 AM) from the Colombian town of Leticia where we take a boat to visit Islandia (Peru) and Benjamin Constant (Brazil) small towns located at the border of the Javari river. Then we will go to have a buffet lunch with local cook at Santa Rosa (Peru). We continue to Gamboa creek to do some birdwatching, dolphin spotting and jungle hike or canoeing. We also visit a indigenous community with the same name of the creek (Gamboa). The full day tour finish on Leticia around 5:00 to 5:30 PM where we have time to visit the Santander park and the parrots.

Marasha Natural Reserve

Visit the renowned Natural Reserve Marasha during a day in which we will sail down the Amazon River to the reserve where order a variety of activities to do like hiking, Canoping (not included), kayaking or canoeing, sportive fishing, etc. Also you can enjoy the exquisite Peruvian cuisine.
2 days - 1 night avalable
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Spend a day of adventure in the Tanimboca Nature Reserve. Climb to a platform on a tree over 30m high and glide on the zip line to the next in rapid canopy two sections and a hanging bridge. After the zip line descent we will do a 45min to 1h kayaking by a creek in the jungle that make us feel like the early explorers; ending with a tasty lunch in the vat "The Sandy".
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