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Volunteer in Omshanty Jungle Lodge

Do you enjoy volunteering?
Have you done volunteering in hostels?
Would you like to do volunteering in the jungle?
Are you a volunteer traveller?

Then contact us for our 'exchange work for lodging' projects.

We accept volunteers for:

 - Teaching languajes to our staff: English, French or German (the volunteers must have a medium level of Spanish spoken).
 - Gardening, cultivate, permaculture, ornamenting and other garden works.
 - Chefs.
 - Profesional or semi-profesional photography.
 - Video edition.
 - Social networks management.
 - Translations: we need to translate our website to us much languajes as possible. Any languaje is welkome you just need a high level of written Spanish.
 - Travel bloggers.
 - Others: send us your project and we will study it for if it fixes to our needs.

Volunteering have some rules:

 - It will be 1 month of stay to make the volunteer productive, unless travel bloggers that stay less and some certain cases that we aprove and they could stay longer.
 - We offer free accomodation (in the dorm) for the volunteers. Depending on the number of hours or kind of work, breakfast & lunch could be included.
 - During high season (January, Easter, July, August and December) volunteers are not accepted because of the high lodging demand we have.